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KIT dos Peconheiros is a safety equipment for peconheiros, the açaí berry pickers.

For thousands of years, açaí was little known outside of the Amazon. Yet, since the 90s it has made its way from remote riverside communities to cities all over the world. Its production is based mainly on extractivism.

95% of global açaí comes from the Amazonian state of Pará in Brazil. Because of its importance for the local economy, it’s called the „Black Gold” of the Amazon. Yet, this increasing demand for açaí berries and the lack of protection results in a number of accidents.


All the ideas are the results of many trials and tests, run by our team of professional peconheiros. Only they know the risks of the job, which demands excellent physical form and advanced climbing techniques. Our main focus was to improve safety, while maintaining the natural character of the work: climbing the fragile palm trees, cutting off the fruit bunches, sliding down with the harvested fruit on slippery trees, in the changing conditions of the rainforest.

We tested different designs, to ensure that the kit can be adapted to individual needs. Local experience and tradition was combined with a professional design approach. The selected solutions were further developed by our design team, to meet standards of safety and endurance.


All of our products are made of natural materials and metals that can be recycled. Polyester threat is the only plastic used. We are planning to replace it with natural thread as soon as we find one resilient enough. All the parts of the Kit can be replaced in case of damage.

The Kit was developed according to the ‘design for all’ approach. The products were tested by men and women of different ages, working methods and skills levels, who contributed to their development.

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